Fast Focus: 'Should cities ban pot businesses?' Just say no

June 8, 2014 

You ask about the pot businesses in the Tri-Cities area. I for one believe the smarter we become, the more asinine are our behaviors. We try to keep our kids off this crap and away from alcohol and other things that affect their brains, but here we are with somebody thinks it would be OK to put drugs in their faces and say you can look but don't touch. Haha! I see they are considering maybe having outlets in highway rest areas as they are not parks.

It amazes me the thought train that some of our leaders have. We know the crap stays in the system for weeks at a time -- or that is the thought. It's illegal as far as the federal government goes and it's illegal in most work areas, as it should be. Who would want to work with someone who can't get their head screwed on straight? I would sure have to ask the brain surgeon if he had been a stoner the night before my surgery.

Maybe I am just old-fashioned. I guess my answer would be no to the pot anywhere and keep it off the roads. Some of these big rigs have a handful without the help of some funny stuff.


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