Richland High School graduation: Bomber pride was on display

Tri-City HeraldJune 6, 2014 

Bomber pride was on display Friday at the Toyota Center.

For the Richland High Class of 2014, "wherever we go, whatever we do, it will always be Bomber time," said Michael Ashby, one of six valedictorians.

Salutatorian Adam Oates said he had seen other schools, but they did not compare to Richland High.

It may have a reputation as a sports school, but that's not true, he said. It's an academic school.

"Without you guys, I wouldn't be up here right now," he told the school's teachers.

Haylie DeVine, another valedictorian, joked that the class had spent four long years perfecting the art of procrastination.

But valedictorian Mark McDonald showed he had perfected the art of juggling as he tossed cubes into the air and talked about the art of juggling school work, social activities, eating, sleeping and church.

Other valedictorians were Kennedy Corrigan, Hannah Mitchell and Frederick Williams.

The class had 385 graduates, including 16 honored with a standing ovation for their decision to enter the Armed Services.

"Bomber power, Bomber power," chanted the class as students waited to pick up their diplomas.

"In less than an hour you will no longer be students of Richland High," said Principal Tim Praino. "You will be something much, much better — Bomber alumni."

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