Letter: Amon Basin not a real jewel

June 6, 2014 

The only thing I agree with in Marc Spinner's letter on Amon Basin in the June 1 Herald is that we need our elected officials to hear from us, even those with contrary opinions.

I look forward to the city leaders doing their job, following the transportation plan and building Rachel Road. Why are we allowing a few members of Tapteal Greenway and the Willowbrook Home Owners Association speak for us? Do they realize that there are more than 160,000 other residents living in the Tri-Cities?

Why didn't Mr. Spinner inform us that he is the vice president of the Willowbrook HOA? Backyards in Willowbrook abut Amon Basin. Are we all to pay the cost of a poor transportation system so they can have their little Garden of Eden?

Hats off to the organized effort by a few to create more urban effect smog by forcing us other taxpayers to spend more time and money driving around Amon. The real jewel isn't some scab land that happens to receive an ever-dwindling supply of water from the Kennewick Irrigation District. The real jewel for the community is the Yakima River Delta.


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