Letter: Lawless Park

June 6, 2014 

Letter: Lawless Park

The death of Judge James Lawless 40 years ago was a blow not only to his colleagues, but also to the entire community. I taught at Jefferson Elementary and had the pleasure of being his son Tim's sixth-grade teacher. The entire family was highly respected by the Jefferson staff. It was a tremendous blow to hear of his senseless death.

I have often grieved that, because of his unusual last name, a park or some prominent feature was not named after him. Although the Herald reports there is a Lawless Park, I have no knowledge of it. The new street by Fred Meyer is named Lawless, but I doubt many people know why it is called that.

I would love to see something named "Judge James Lawless ..." After all, we live with John Dam Plaza, which could have been Dam Plaza and been the brunt of jokes.


-- Editor's note: Richland's 34-acre James Lawless Park is on the hillside between Thayer Drive and Wellsian Way. The park is undeveloped with dirt trails.

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