Letter: Speaking out for Amon

June 6, 2014 

I have to admit, I'm apparently naive. I thought we elected people to represent the wishes of the electorate. If that's the case, I'm baffled as to how the Richland City Council continues to ignore what appears to be overwhelming public sentiment to protect Amon Creek. Letter after letter, testimony after testimony, speak against extending Rachel Road across the Amon Creek Natural Preserve, yet it seems the only voices heard are those of pro-development.

How many special places need to be destroyed? How many ridge lines marred? How much solitude replaced by the roar of engines? It always seems to be the few taking priority over the many in decisions made by those who are supposed to represent us all.

One of the ironies here is that one of the "yes" votes has a house on Amon Creek. Surely, she sees the young otters that come down the creek each fall on their way from the preserve to the Columbia River in search of new homes. Does she never look out her windows at the wildlife that moves up and down the creek daily? Must everything be destroyed on the altar of the almighty dollar?

Paul Newman once said, "Progress should never come to a halt, but there are some places it should never come to at all." He was talking about wilderness, but it rings true here, as well.

DAN HAAS, Richland

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