Letter: Preserve Amon Basin

June 5, 2014 

The Kennewick School District supports a road across the Amon Creek Natural Preserve. Its rationale? KSD "might" put a school in the planned new development. It won't without that additional road access.

The district's other options include land nearby. It owns sites for two additional elementary schools. See a Herald article based on a KSD press release about the district's efforts to acquire land at nearby Five Corners at tinyurl.com/KSD-sites.

My wife and I built a home in Lorayne J Ranch subdivision in 1982. An attraction was the likelihood that an elementary school would be built next to LaPierre Field. Our future children, now 30, 27 and 24, could walk to school. We moved from that home after 21 years. The school was never built as KSD chose to build at another site.

Our children graduated from Kamiakin High School. We have nothing but the highest praise for KSD as an educational resource. We are disappointed in KSD's willingness to sacrifice this rare natural resource.

We should not damage and sacrifice the Amon Creek Natural Preserve in an effort to preserve every possible KSD option. I urge the city of Richland to say "no" to the plans to bisect and harm the preserve.

ARTHUR KLYM, Kennewick

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