Letter: Honest hands

June 4, 2014 

Last Christmas, I sent my daughter and her husband who live near Portland a check as their gift. In a mishap a couple of months later, the check was lost on the way to the bank.

For several weeks, I wondered if the check would be found and by whom. I prayed that if is was picked up, the hand holding it would be honest.

In late April, I received a letter and my check from Zach of Vancouver. He found the check on a sidewalk in northwest Portland (it had experienced some Portland rain). Zach had been a victim of a check fraud case and he couldn't "abide the possibility of it happening to you."

What a wonderful letter that was to receive. He did have honest hands -- and heart! I let Zach know how much I appreciated his honesty and I'll always feel great gratitude for his effort to contact me and return the check. Thank you, Zach.


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