Letter: Dangerous at Hanford

June 3, 2014 

In Saturday's article about Gov. Jay Inslee discussing Hanford issue with local officials, the Herald reported Kennewick Mayor Steve Young stated that people who live in the Tri-Cities don't believe they live in a dangerous place.

I work the front lines at Hanford and some of my brothers and sisters are the ones who have received the chemical vapor uptakes. To say that it isn't dangerous is misleading to fellow Tri-Citians.

When Young makes statements like that, it downplays the importance of safety at Hanford. Most of the people in the Tri-Cities understand that they live downwind from a hazardous waste site. They also know the importance of making sure the site is cleaned up safely and efficiently.

If the people in the Tri-Cities don't think there is a danger, then someone needs to educate them on the hazards. It's easy to forget how much chemical, as well as radiological, materials play in the hazards at Hanford.

LEE WOOD, Kennewick

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