Letter: Public safety tax: No

June 3, 2014 

What? Major crime rate down (Tri-City Herald, April 15); population increase 19,000. Where did the increased revenues go?

We elect commissioners and council members as guardians to prioritize and provide for essential governmental services within revenues, and yes, to make the hard allocation decisions. We do not elect them to keep proposing sales tax after sales tax to fund services that should be on the top of their priority list and all of which should be funded with the increased general revenues from growth and increased populations.

Is not the Boys & Girls Club a private nonprofit group? Where is the authority to give them public tax funds?

Let's take the direct and indirect cost (staff and judicial time, etc.) for one year for operating drug court, define what is a successful participant, divide former by later, and let us decide if the cost per successful participant is acceptable.

Mental health court? What a joke, when, unlike drug rehab, there is no infrastructure to supervise or treat. This is a statewide problem, not a local one.


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