Letter: Public safety tax costly

June 3, 2014 

As a long time Benton County resident and a current taxpayer, now residing in Lane County, Ore., I have some experience with "public safety tax measures." Just last year Lane County passed the same "public safety tax measure" and it was "only" going to raise about $12 million. The county and its supporters raved on and on about the benefits to the citizens, such as stopping the outflow of prisoners released due to jail overcrowding, how it would only be spent on protecting the public and increasing our safety and that annually they would be 100 percent accountable to a citizens review board: 100 percent positive spin. Does that sound like Benton County? This new tax won't make us safer, just broker; and the insatiable monster called government grows on.

Recently a Junction City woman was home from work sick when an intruder broke into her home. She met him with a pistol and called 911. Twenty three minutes later, two policemen arrived and the culprit then decided to fight, but Tasers settled the matter. Sounds to me like "public" safety begins at home and if you rely on "public safety tax measures" for your safety and protection, you may get what you pay for.

MALON L. COWGILL, Junction City, Ore.

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