Letter: Something for the future

June 1, 2014 

A recent NPR segment on Amon Basin is extremely disturbing. Putting an "environmentally friendly" road across an 80-acre nature preserve is ludicrous and the justification that it is being done to lessen the drive to the mall puts the city of Richland in a terrible light.

Amon Basin is an extremely small preserve and wildlife requires connectivity. Carving up the preserve will destroy habitat, which was why Tapteal Greenway purchased the property. For the city to undermine their trust is shameful. I live in Richland where a road was planned along the river.

The city now refers to this area now known as Leslie Groves and Howard Amon as the "jewel" of the park system. All because a planned street was never built.

Natural areas allow people to explore nature close to home. We owe it to ourselves to protect open spaces for generations to come. The moment we lose our open space, we lose ourselves. But then again, who can argue against getting to the mall a few minutes sooner? You won't hear a peep out of all the displaced wildlife.

They are too busy trying to survive the destruction of their habitat that our fair city labels as progress.


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