Fast Focus: 'What do you wish you had known when you left high school?' Not so black and white

June 1, 2014 

High school graduation was a difficult time in my life. Divorced and newly remarried parents along with the disbandment of my childhood friends left me feeling lost, if not abandoned.

I wish I had known that everyone I met wasn't necessarily looking out for me. By the same token, they weren't out to get me either. I wish I had known that there was support in places I didn't guess there would be. The great value of a college education as compared to the cost of tuition is another thing I wish I had known. At the time the debt seemed insurmountable and I quit school after two years. People whose opinions were different than mine often made me feel right ... or wrong. Now I know that people can just be different.

I so wish I had known when I graduated from high school that it's all a process and that the experiences, both happy and painful, are lessons. And if you're learning, you're growing.

-- JACKIE BELL, Prosser

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