Fast Focus: 'What do you wish you had known when you left high school?' Learn to manage money

June 1, 2014 

School was fairly easy for me (except math), so I did what was required of me, but I didn't go much beyond that -- unless it was something that I really enjoyed. I wish I had gotten a better understanding of mathematics, and made myself learn more about the subject.

My well-meaning, hard-working parents never let me get a job while I was in school, wanting me to concentrate on my education. Consequently, I never really learned the value of a dollar that I had earned, or how to balance a check book. Neither had I learned how to budget my own money for things such things as gas, car insurance, personal expenses, etc. I went straight from my parents paying for everything I needed, to my husband paying for everything I needed. When we married (I was 18), I still had no concept of how to manage money. Looking back over our almost 59 years together, sometimes I wonder how my husband was so patient with me when I wasn't very frugal with our money that he worked so hard for.

Although I graduated from high school with a high grade-point average, and I was a National Honor Society member, I look back and wish I'd known these things. Life could have been much easier and simpler.


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