Letter: Parking options

May 30, 2014 

Delta has started advertising direct flights from Spokane to Atlanta and Los Angeles. With the money you can save on the ticket compared to flying out of the Tri-Cities, coupled with the money saved on long term parking, it might be worth the added expense and time of driving to Spokane. The real issue is the parking.

Where's the competition for parking options? The Tri-Cities Airport long-term parking fee is excessive for a rural community. The previous $7/day fee was reasonable, but $9 is a real stretch and it's on its way to $10. In Spokane you can conveniently park for between $6 and $9.50/day at the airport and less than $4/day nearby. Another comparison. In Tucson the airport charges $9/day for very convenient long-term garage parking and has nearby parking for $4 and $5/day. In addition there are numerous private facilities near the Tucson airport charging less than $4/day. They provide covered parking and shuttles and do a great business.

Some entrepreneur should look into providing some competition. There certainly appears to be many square miles of open land available near the airport, or are parking lots being prevented locally by zoning and building codes?


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