Letter: Time for year-round school?

May 30, 2014 

One million dollars for iPads for kids to take home during the summer to avoid the "summer slump?" This investment is for how many students? It makes me think it is time for year-round school when there is such a detriment to education by having a summer break that we need to spend one million dollars for two grade levels at five elementary schools to borrow what is the equivalent of a library card and a math packet.

Some of those iPads are going to get dropped into the pool. Some of those iPads are going to get stolen. We live in a strange time when that kind of risk and expenditure is deemed worthwhile because families and kids don't/can't maintain their academic skills during summer break.

I am confident there are other solutions that would positively impact more students for less money. Those federal dollars come from ... taxes. While you may say "But it works!" (actually this is a pilot program to see if it works), what you are actually saying is that summer break is detrimental to educating kids. That, I think, is the more significant issue to address with your/our million dollars.

I noticed the total budget for the Coordinated Entry System housing program in the Tri-Cities is $200,000 for a year.

SHELLY HANSEN, West Richland

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