Letter: Safety suggestion

May 30, 2014 

Modern vehicles have airbag systems that deploy in the event of a crash, and some can almost predict a crash. Why haven't automakers invented a system to activate the hazard lights, interior lights and/or horn in the event of a crash? Think of how much this would aid responders if they could actively hear and see the vehicle, and see inside.

A recent news piece was of a woman who was in the bottom of a ravine for days before she was found.

How much faster would she have been found if the hazards and horn were activated?

Even more recently, a family from our own area was in a car wreck that ended in the bottom of a reservoir at night.

It is pitch black at 11 p.m. on an undeveloped road in the country. Think of the advantages if the car's hazards lights were on. Rescue personnel or even someone at the scene could find the car underwater. Lives could be saved.

Seatbelts are required in vehicles. I believe this should be, too.


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