Pink Floyd tribute band to rock Jokers May 30

Dori O'Neal, Tri-City HeraldMay 28, 2014 

Pigs on the Wing


The Pigs on the Wing rock band took its name from the iconic song by Pink Floyd.

This seven-piece group of Portland musicians, which performs May 30 at Jokers in Richland, initially had no interest in playing cover songs, but they did have a great fondness for Pink Floyd tunes, said Jason Baker, the band's guitarist.

"I never had any intention of forming a tribute band," he said. "In fact, we were kind of repulsed by the very idea of cover bands at the time. But we loved Pink Floyd and thought it would be a great thing to cover the Dark Side of the Moon album."

By tradition, tribute bands usually name themselves after a song by the artist they are paying tribute to, Baker said.

"We considered calling ourselves The Crazy Diamonds for a moment, but we thought we might be mistaken for a Neil Diamond tribute band," he said. "Pigs on the Wing fits us somehow, and it references the great imagery for Floyd fans of the classic flying pig."

The rest of the band, which has been together since 2006, includes Matt Jones on keyboards and vocals, Eric Welder on bass, Bryan Kopra on drums, David Lindenbaum on guitar and vocals, Keeley St. Clair on vocals and Pete Galluzzo on sax.

"Pink Floyd's music has a lot of appeal to people of a lot of different ages and musical persuasions, including us," Baker said. "None of us are old enough to have experienced Floyd the first time around, and we all come from pretty different musical backgrounds. But there's something about the music that brings us together. The music is masterfully constructed."

Pink Floyd music is notoriously dark, intense, thoughtful -- the total opposite of pop music, just the way they like it, Baker said. He promises a show any Pink Floyd aficionado would call cool.

"Our fans are serious about their Floyd," he said. "They don't just kind of like Floyd. They live and breathe it. They won't put up with any mucking around with it. And we aren't for a second trying to be Pink Floyd or compare ourselves in any way to such a great band. We're just hoping to capture a piece of that experience for people and share it with them."

Bottom line: Their concerts are a cool experience and definitely different from staying home and listening to The Wall on headphones, he said.

"We try to put everything we have into every show," he said. "There's definitely an edge and certain risk that it could all fall apart."

Showtime is 9:30 p.m. Tickets cost $16 for general admission or $20 for the VIP section.

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