Letter: Cartoon offensive

May 27, 2014 

The cartoon on Wednesday Opinion page depicting people who literally are starving to death in other countries and comparing them to Walmart employees was in bad taste -- very bad taste. Can't believe you would run such a tasteless "cartoon." Nothing can compare to those in third world countries who watch their children shrink to nothing and die from lack of even adequate food and clean water. To equate these tragedies with what Walmart pays their employees is ludicrous.

On another note, global warming: The mock-ups are put together by scientists who get they're funding from the government so who do you think they're going to side with? The only data you can trust is from independents that are in agreement: Global warming caused by humans is minimal. Climate change is a natural occurrence the Earth has been going through since the beginning and will continue to the end. Humans may die off as many species have but Earth will continue long after we're gone. Follow the money! Lots of money flowing from the government into the "green" sector, a lot of it down the drain as in Solyndra and many others.


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