Letter: Successful enterprises

May 26, 2014 

Today I watched a news broadcast that interviewed someone from the Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau. They said that we needed a better facility to compete with cities like Spokane which has built a new convention center that visitors would consider a good place to visit. I live near the TRAC facility which has struggled all of its existence to make ends meet. Tax money is needed to keep it alive. Historically, the same can be said for the Toyota Center.

There is a successful privately funded organization. It is the Canyon Lakes Golf Course. It is the finest facility in the Tri-Cities. Golfers are willing to spend extra for a chance to play there. When it was developed, the developers seemed to have a plan for organizing housing nearby and coordinating the two facilities.

In my opinion, we need leaders and planners that can accomplish the same for any new facility. Show us a plan that will work and if there is none get rid of the facility until someone can show a plan with a reasonable chance for financial success. If local businesses want to provide the funding for such a project, more power to them.


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