Letter: Budget priorities

May 26, 2014 

The same items always pop up when we are asked for more tax dollars. We are shown extensive studies why proponents need the money, heart string items are thrown in, and we are told what a small amount the increase really is. Well, compound interest is a wonderful thing on the earning side, while compound taxes are eating us alive.

I propose some counter measures to the already exorbitant 8.3 percent sales tax rate, which is an economic downer and should receive a no vote.

1. Let's have a 0.1 increase and give it to the Boys and Girls Club.

2. Let's fund police/justice/fire departments with the first monies in the budget and leave fluff/feel good projects at the end.

3. Next time you see a recipient/proponent cheating the sales tax system by going out of state or to the internet, tune them up and remind them they are cheating our city, county and state out of funds needed for their quality of life.



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