Letter: Climate change debate

May 25, 2014 

At last! A ray of light coming out of the climate change black hole (Letters, May 20, Ernie Todd). Farce isn't the word I would use but close to it. The IPCC (the rubber stamp agency of the U.N,) and others say that CO2 levels are causing global warming and all that CO2 is manmade, when one of the largest producers of CO2 in Washington is Mount St. Helen's.

Also, history shows that global warming precedes CO2 increases, not the other way around. If mankind can affect the climate so drastically then why do humans run and hide whenever a bad storm is on the way? It would stand to reason then that we could affect the weather enough to stop that tornado or hurricane. Right?

This farce is hoisted on the public by politicians and old fashioned greed. Rather than buy into this farce, question everything that you read and hear.

And to the Herald it would be really helpful if you could print some articles and studies that contradicted the present trend.


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