Fast Focus: 'Should ATVs be allowed on county roads?' Follow neighbors' suit

May 25, 2014 

Idaho, Montana and many places in Oregon allow ATV riding on public roads. I am totally in favor of riding ATVs on public roads that have speed limits of 35 mph or less in counties of fewer than 15,000 residents. We pay higher licensing in Washington on ATVs and have no road access. I think we should be allowed to ride on public roads. Bicycles can be used on the roads and they don't even have to be licensed. I think ATVs should even be allowed to parallel some highways in the right-of-way area to get to different roads with the lower speed limits.

I don't like the 21-year age restriction for drivers. That limits family riding. If kids can get a driver's license at 16, this should be acceptable. For younger kidss there is a ride-right safety course available to take, such as Oregon requires.

Thank you for hearing my opinion.

-- NOLA KELSO, Benton County resident

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