Thankful Thursday: Good Samaritans

May 22, 2014 

On May 7, I tripped on a sidewalk on Clearwater Ave. on an uneven section with more than 3/8-inch level difference. Two ladies stopped as they saw me falling. My right hand was bleeding, right wrist was strained and I had a cut under the right eye as one lens from my sun glasses broke lose. It was bleeding too.

The kind ladies were driving separately but united in helping me. One of them cleaned blood from my hand with a disinfectant. They called the paramedics and stayed with me until the paramedics started helping me. I did not get their names, however, I am so very grateful to them for their kind deed. I am also very thankful to the Kennewick paramedics' timely attending to my injuries.

JACK KALIA, Richland

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