Thankful Thursday: Quality care

May 22, 2014 

Thank you, Richland Life Care! I landed here after a nasty truck vs. pedestrian accident (guess who won) -- broken and selfish in my pain. It took a minimum of two aides just to get me out of bed.

I've lived in Richland long enough to remember the days when you went to Life Care as a last resort. Whatever reputation this facility might have endured in the past, the truth is that the 2014 version of Richland Life Care is a five-star skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. I came here with reservations, which melted away as soon as I was wheeled through the halls.

The facility is bright and clean, with no lingering "eau de nursing home" odor. The menu choices are appealing. But nice decor and tasty food do not make a rehab center. It's the staff that really makes the difference. And Richland Life Care's staff supports its five-star rating: caring, compassionate aides, dedicated RNs, a tough and effective therapy staff and a friendly housekeeping crew that greets me by name every morning!

I wish I hadn't encountered that truck, but I'm thankful I could come here to recuperate.


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