Thankful Thursday: Nearing the goal

May 22, 2014 

Playing soccer for the Bombers has been so life changing for me. My coaches Octavio, Ricardo, Brock, and the most influential to me was my goalkeeper coach Jose Herrera. This was a short year, sadly, but definitely the funnest out of all four years. Couldn't ask for a a better group of guys that I can call family. Ending last year really well and coming into this year feeling so good but had a lot of bumps in the road (like around 100 or so).

To me playing a sport in high school, especially at Richland being a Bomber, means leaving your mark here. After these four amazing, unforgettable years I'm going to college! It's so crazy and its happening too fast for me. All I can say is thank you to everyone who helped out with any Bomber soccer activities and to my loving parents who never gave up on me and pushed me to get this far as well as raised me to be a good man. Thanks mom and dad! Love you all!


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