Detroit band Koffin Kats plays Richland on May 28

Dori O'Neal, Herald staff writerMay 22, 2014 

Detroit band Koffin Kats use a stand-up bass.


Koffin Kats are three guys from Detroit who know how to kick up a rock 'n' roll fuss.

And they do it with an unusual instrument added to the fray -- a stand-up bass.

Bassist Vic Victor, 31, said the bass adds an unconventional sound to their music.

"I guess you could describe it as melodic punk," he said.

You can hear it for yourself when the band makes its first visit to the Tri-Cities on May 28 at Ray's Golden Lion in Richland. Showtime is 9 p.m. It's open to all ages. Cover is $10.

As for the Koffin Kats' rather sinister sounding name, Victor says there's really nothing dark about the group these days. Gone are the early days when Damian Detroit and Tommy Koffin were part of the band.

Back then, the Koffin Kats wrote songs that dealt with the horrors of the real world as well as science fiction, according to a story on Sailor's Grave Records website.

"We chose the name because we wanted something different and liked the musical sound of Koffin Kats, that's all," he added.

Victor eventually parted company with his original bandmates and found a new sound with Eric Walls, 31, on drums and Johnny Kay, 33, on lead guitar. All three share vocals as well as songwriting. Victor and Walls have been pals since grade school, and Kay is the newest member of the band.

The musicians keep their songwriting focus on a more positive note these days and avoid writing songs that have a political or dark message.

"We're all about fun and travel now because travel is what we're doing all the time, and everybody likes to have fun," Victor said.

Koffin Kats has produced seven albums during the past 11 years, the latest titled Born of the Motor.

"The album has a double meaning," Victor said. "It combines the fact we're all from Motor City and we're always on tour. So, the title seemed to fit."

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