Golf: Pasco's Martinez wins 4A girls title (w/gallery)

May 20, 2014 

Pasco High’s Jalayne Martinez fired a 4-over-par 76 on Tuesday in the second round of the Class 4A District 5 tournament at Meadow Springs Country Club in Richland to secure the individual title and qualify for next week’s state tournament.

Martinez shot a two-day total of 151 to easily outpace the field. Walla Walla’s Jessica Huntsman was second at 160. The two came into the second round tied, but Huntsman struggled on the back nine of Tuesday’s round.

Pasco’s Neydeen Martinez (168), Richland’s Kea Robertson (178) and Chiawana’s Megan Steach (195) also qualified for the state tournament.

Walla Walla won the team title with a total of 57 points, while Pasco was second at 56. With only 16 golfers competing, a modified scoring system is used for the team race.

At Meadow Springs, Richland (par 72)

Team scores—1. Walla Walla, 57; 2. Pasco, 56; 3. Richland, 45; 4. Chiawana, 23. State qualifiers—1. Jalayne Martinez, Pasco, 75-76—151; 2. Jessica Huntsman, Walla Walla, 75-85—160; 3. Neydeen Martinez, Pasco, 80-88—168; 4. Kea Robertson, Richland, 86-92—178; 5. Megan Steach, Chiawana, 99-96—195; alt-6. Kendall Dunovant, Walla Walla, 98-100—198; alt-7. Marisa Jimenez, Walla Walla, 95-105—200. Pasco—J. Martinez; N. Martinez; Elizabeth Greenaway, 95-114—209. Walla Walla—Huntsman; Dunovant; Jimenez; Brooke Cramer, 101-114—215; Ashley Halazon, 102-126—228; Cassidy Meliah, 110-133—243. Richland—Robertson; Chloe Shea, 97-106—203; April Mercer, 100-103—203; Bella Martinez, 99-111—210; Breanna Watts, 106-106—212. Chiawana—Steach; Kendall Rodriguez, 108-100—208.

4A Boys: Richland High swept the five state tournament berths and the alternate spot with a dominating performance at Meadow Springs Country Club.

Drew McCullough topped teammate Carl Underwood in a playoff to win the individual title after shooting two-day totals of 149. Joining the pair at state will be Nick Yamauchi (153), Hunter Ashby (156) and Andrew Hattori (156). Evan Hattori is the alternate after finishing at 157.

“They just played well the two days,” Richland coach John Richardson said. “It was not fun to watch as a coach, because you hate to see your teammates battling each other like that. I’d like them all to go.”

Richland’s Quinton Parnell finished seventh after shooting a 163.

At Meadow Springs Country Club (par-72)

Top 5—(won playoff) 1. Drew McCullough, Richland 149; 2. Carl Underwood, Richland, 149; 3. Nick Yamauchi, Richland, 153; t4. Hunter Ashby, Richland, 156; and Andrew Hattori, Richland, 156; alt-6. Evan Hattori, Richland, 157. Richland—McCullough; Underwood; Yamauchi; Ashby; A. Hattori; E. Hattori; Quinton Parnell, 163. Chiawana—Levi Dronen, 164; Haden Carrasco, 174; Collin Rodriguez, 186. Walla Walla—Parker Dressler, 172; Tyler Morrison, 172; Troy Aguilar, 180; Nate Towner, 186; Ely Kimball, 189. Pasco—Ryan Rickman, 186.

3A boys: Hanford’s Eric Dahl shot a 1-under-par 71 to grab medalist honors with a two-day total of 139 at the district tournament in West Richland and earn a state berth.

Dahl will be joined at next week’s state tournament by teammates Thomas Hannu (third) who shot a two-day total of 153 and Ryan Ray (seventh) who shot a 165.

Also qualifying for state is Southridge’s Austin Brown (second, 142) and Garrett Neswick (fifth, 161), and Kamiakin’s Shae Gurner (fourth, 159) and Bolton Dauenhauer (sixth, 163).

At Horn Rapids (par-72)

Team scores—1. Hanford, 75; 2. Southridge, 59; 3. Kamiakin, 41; 4. Kennewick, 9. State qualifiers—1. Eric Dahl, Hanford, 68-71—139; 2. Austin Brown, Southridge, 70-72—142; 3. Thomas Hannu, Hanford, 74-79—153; 4. Shae Gurney, Kamiakin, 78-81—159; 5. Garrett Neswick, Southridge, 80-81—161; 6. Bolton Dauenhauer, Kamiakin, 86-77—163; 7. Ryan Ray, Hanford, 79-86—165; alt-8. Ryan Thomas, Southridge, 80-92—172. Hanford—Dahl; Hannu; Ray; Tom Hill, 91-86—177; Sam Workman, 88-91—179; Jack Inions, 94-89—183; Trevor Shibley, 83-118—201. Southridge—Brown; Neswick; Thomas; Larson Watia, 85-89—174. Kamiakin—Gurney; Dauenhauer; Dillon Ecclestone, 88-89—177; Max Massey, 96-91—197; Trevor Roberts, 95-94—189; Ike Wilbur, 93-102—195. Kennewick—Jenner Beauchamp, 87-90—177; Sam Szendre, 91-90—181; Riley Deathridge, 85-DNF.

3A girls: Southridge’s Catherine Warner shot a 1-over-par 73 to capture the medalist title, lock up a state berth and help the Suns win the team title at Horn Rapids in West Richland.

Warner shot a 34 on the front nine, thanks to an eagle on the par-5 eighth hole. She finished with a two-day total of 149.

Also qualifying for state is Kennewick’s Allison Kadinger (second, 155), Kamiakin’s Alexa Clark (third, 163), Britney Gough (sixth, 172) and Mia Johnson (seventh, 173), Southridge’s Tayler Hood (fourth, 168), and Hanford’s Lacy Skwarek (fourth, 168). Hanford’s Michelle Troup is the alternate after shooting a 183.

At Horn Rapids (par-72)

Team scores—1. Southridge, 63; 2. Kamiakin, 55; 3. Hanford, 35; 4. Kennewick, 28. State qualifiers—1. Catherine Warner, Southridge, 76-73—149; 2. Allison Kadinger, Kennewick, 77-78—155; 3. Alexa Clark, Kamiakin, 79-84—163; t4. Tayler Hood, Southridge, 84-84—168; and Lacy Skwarek, Hanford, 84-84—168; 6. Britney Gough, Kamiakin, 85-87—172; 7. Mia Johnson, Kamiakin, 86-87—173; alt-8. Michelle Troup, Hanford, 87-96—183. Southridge—Warner; Hood; Meredith Hibbard 94-91—185; Sydney Meilleur, 97-90—187. Kamiakin—Clark; Gough; Johnson; Brianna Esvelt, 100-94—194; Raegan Bishop, 104-116—220; Shavon Madder, 112-108—120. Hanford—Skwarek; Troup; Bev McCarthy, 100-93—193; Amy Aiello, 100-104—204. Kennewick—Kadinger; Taiya Holland, 103-111—214.

2A girls: Katie Hilliard topped a list of four Ephrata golfers earning a trip to state, shooting 86 to win the Class 2A District 5 tournament Monday at Lakeview Golf and Country Club in Othello.

The Tigers shot 372 as a team to beat out East Valley (411) for the team title.

At Lakeview Golf & Country Club (par 72)

Team scores—Ephrata 372, East Valley 411, Selah 440, West Valley 444, Othello 454, Toppenish 454, Prosser 507, Ellensburg 544, Grandview 566, Wapato 645.

State qualifiers (top 14)—1, Katie Hilliard (Eph) 86; 2, Kendall Sage (Eph) 87; 3, Shelby Baum (EV) 92; 4, Tressa Davis (Eph) 93; 5, Mikala Page (WV) 94; 6, Kylie Kummer (Oth) 99; 7, Morgan Edwards (Sel) 101; 8, Luka Van de Merwe (EV) 102; 9, Karen Woods (Wap) 104; 10, Kaitlyn Autry (Eph) 106; 11 (tie), Alyana Martinez (EV), Hannah Pond (GV) 107; 13, Shelby Meyer (WV) 109; 14 (tie), Frannie Bazaan (Sel); Tiffany Suave (EV) (alt), Teanna Bentley (EV) (alt) 110. Grandview—Teagan Parrish 112, Raegan Colson 147. Othello—Ivonne Garza 112, Savannah Crnick 117, Becky Boersma 126, Elle Paris 140, . Prosser—Zoe Wilson 111, Lara Contreras 128, Kassidy Burnett 125, Rylie Burnett 143.

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