Letter: Minimum wage dispute

May 20, 2014 

It is indisputable that business relies on consumer spending. It is also indisputable that as business increases, employment increases. So, how can we increase consumer spending, which will increase business which will increase employment? Higher wages! But wait! Will higher wages mean some business failures and maybe inflation? Possibly, but failures can be mitigated by appropriate exemptions, and inflation can be checked by government controls. The idea that overall commerce will suffer if wages are raised contradicts the aforementioned indisputable facts. Furthermore, the most dire social and economic problems we face right now are wage disparity and the rich-poor gap. This, too, is indisputable. Raising the minimum wage will alleviate these problems.

The most inane propaganda I continue to hear lately is: "Low-wage jobs are just stepping stones to higher paying jobs." The "stepping stone" idea smacks of bigotry, discrimination, prejudice, snobbery and worse. If a person works all his life for wages, at any job, at the expensive of body and mind, then that person should attain a good living and a secure future. If this is not a primary goal of the government, and if it is not achieved, then the government must be overthrown by the workers.


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