Letters: We tolerate intolerance

May 20, 2014 

Unlike Michelle Obama who is proud of her country for the first time, I am ashamed of my country for the first time. What happened to the country that once stood for the right to believe as we choose, or express our opinions? What happened to the country who led the world in hope? She's gone and the liberals are gloating.

The only human rights they seem to care about are the right to abortion or gay marriage. If you aren't for abortion, you are the enemy. Christians are dying because of Islam and they are silent. Gays are executed and women are being beaten, beheaded, stoned, because of Sharia law, and they are silent.

The liberals talk a great game but they do nothing to speak out against the horrendous evil that is creeping across the globe. In the name of "tolerance" they accept the unacceptable and demonstrate how "moral" they are because they are "tolerant." That's their high-minded morality. It's OK with these "leaders" if Christians are killed, women are beaten, girls are sold as slaves ... but don't say you think its wrong to kill an unborn baby. Oh no! You are intolerant.


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