Letter: Husband mistaken for sex offender

May 20, 2014 

My husband and I live in the 5000 block of Bermuda (almost 1 mile away from Level 3 Sex offender Steven Baird) and my husband, who bears a vague resemblance to this guy, has been harassed by people ever since the article was posted. When he is in the front yard or out getting the mail, people slow down as they drive by and give him dirty looks. One lady in a silver Lexus even stopped and snapped a picture of him with her phone. Last night we were forced to report it to the police in case people decide to take it a step further and start vandalizing our home because they mistake him for Steven Baird.

While I appreciate being informed of sex offenders moving into my neighborhood and the threat they pose to others, there are unintended consequences that arise from this sort of reporting. All people see is a picture of the offender. They don't read the article thoroughly and look around and realize they are in the wrong neighborhood. All they see is someone who looks like a bad guy. It has made our lives most unpleasant and it has only been two days.


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