Fast Focus: 'Do we need a death penalty?' Forgive and punish

May 18, 2014 

Yes, we should have a death penalty. We forgive our children when we raise them, but we also punish them. We can forgive a killer on death row, but he should be still be punished. Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's. People on death row should not escape what they have done to their victims, especially serial killers. We send our youths to war to kill unknown people they don't have any grudge against; kill or be killed. People in this country that kill are making war on my country every bit as much as a formal war.

Why should I have compassion on them and still be forced to make war on the unknown? If this country wants to stop killing, it should stop going to war for any reason. It should stop producing weapons and supplying them to others. But if we do this today China, Russia, the Taliban, al-Qaida, and this country's killers will be waiting in line to cut our throats tomorrow.

-- Jim Young, Richland

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