Fast Focus: 'Do we need a death penalty?' Yes, for certain crimes

May 18, 2014 

Let's see. Two reasons for capital punishment are first degree murder and treason. Capital punishment creates a lot of fuss. As many argue, it does not deter crime for a couple of reasons. One is some people think they are smart enough to take the risk. Besides, there is always a kindly ACLU lawyer who will do all he/she can to avoid the death penalty. Go for life. Then, work to get the murderer free so that he/she will not be denied freedom of expression. Maybe they just enjoy killing. After all, we have been bombarded for decades with the message that anything we do would be okay.

As I was driving in another state listening to the radio, I heard a newscaster complaining that a man who had held up a business, forced the workers to swallow lye (several died, others had damaged throats) was about to be murdered by the state. That's horrible to consider. How much better was the case of a man who took (I think it was) six nurses out of their room and killed each. One had hidden and identified the killer. He was up for parole after seven years, but it was denied. Well, it wasn't all bad. He was allowed to live in luxury.

Just think about what might happen if the death penalty was applied to all cases of premeditated murder. Those in the VA hospital who decided to postpone any treatment to certain veterans could face the punishment. What about those who kill babies waiting to be born?

We just have to get modern. We can follow the lead of our administration. If a border guard is killed by a drug runner or an ambassador is murdered by jihadist, we could say, "What difference does it make? They are just Americans."

-- William D. Hansen, Othello

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