Fast Focus: 'Do we need a death penalty?' We are regressing

May 18, 2014 

Why not, when we have DNA as proof?

Capital punishment is not unjust, on the contrary. Neither is it immoral. Prone to error, yes. So is everything and everyone. See articles in Herald regarding these statements. If mistakes have been made, then it is the jurors, the defenses or the prosecutor's fault. The instruction by the judge to the jury should be emphasized several times that if there is the least doubt of one's guilt, then they should vote to acquit.

Does the writer of the L.A. Times article mean by "developed nations," that "undeveloped nations" who had capital punishment were imbecilic or had a caveman mentality? Developed nations have regressed, not progressed!

The Constitution, Jesus and the entire word of God is pro capital punishment.

-- JOHN FAULKNER, Richland

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