Letters: Fix Ki-Be problems

May 18, 2014 

Stop, you're killing me! Please put stories about the Ki-Be School District in the funny section where it belongs. I mean, really, the contortions, distortions, obfuscations, and lack of transparency coupled with districtspeak is amusing. Or, is it tragic?

Somewhere out there adults need to take control, recall the current board (which is not functioning very well), and bring some outside entity in to make recommendations about how to straighten up the mess they have created. Perhaps, as they did with their police department, they should just decide to become part of the Richland or Prosser districts and not try to govern themselves, which they are failing to do at the present time.

This situation is having an adverse effect on the education in the community. I can't believe that there will be young bright teachers who will want to come into such a mess, and that is where the district will be in real trouble. When you can't recruit excellent staff, the educational process will ultimately suffer. The victims -- the kids. So, suck it up and fix the problem. If that means people lose their positions, so be it. Fix it for the kids.


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