Letter: Not in Flat Top Park

May 18, 2014 

On May 16 the West Richland City Council discussed the need for an animal control facility in West Richland. Three locations were chosen for further consideration. One of those locations was Flat Top Park. As a 27-year resident of West Richland, I am adamantly opposed to the use of a precious community resource such as Flat Top Park for the location of an animal shelter.

Flat Top Park has long been home to time-honored community events such as Concerts in the Park, Time of Remembrance, The Moving Wall, Veterans Day Celebrations, etc. It is a place where families take their children and blankets to enjoy a picnic, a ball game, or just a nice day in the park. It is surrounded by peaceful residential homes. None of these current uses is compatible with an animal shelter.

While I fully support the humane treatment of the animals that would be housed at a West Richland animal shelter, the shelter should not be located where it will detract in any way from the standard of living of West Richland residents. There are other locations that would better serve the residents of West Richland.

DAN RICHEY, West Richland

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