Letter Best: Fond farewell

May 18, 2014 

When Monsignor Desmond Dillon passed away on May 9 at the age of 99, our community and our nation lost a great friend. Monsignor grew up in a time when there was much less personal wealth, but much greater freedom and understanding of the dignity of all. He witnessed what powerful secular states did to their people in Germany and Russia and he warned against the erosion of Christian values which underpin our freedom and democracy. He also warned against the corruption of morals which promoted selfishness and the false intimacy of sexual license; creating an epidemic of inner loneliness, devoid of genuine commitment and self-giving love.

Monsignor would often engage in the community discussion on the Herald editorial page. His opinions were not merely theoretical. Decades of experience helping people recover and heal from mistakes and tragedies, often brought on by their being deceived by the lies of modern culture, made him determined to speak out. Yet, to his last day, he met each person who came to him with respect and the love of a caring father. We can take comfort knowing that, until that day when the final trumpet sounds, he will be praying for us.

JERALD ZITO, Kennewick

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