Letter: Don't follow pot crowd

May 15, 2014 

I am responding to the many marijuana letters but especially to the one written by Debra Kietzman (Letters, May 2).

I am proud to say I did not vote in favor of the legalization of marijuana and according to some other letters I am not the only one. I am sick of hearing about Colorado and how much money they are making. Do we have to be like everyone else? Why should we comply with something we do not agree with? I have seen the short-term and long-term affects it has on people. It causes memory loss, a slow down of the body's ability to act quickly and lung issues.

I agree that alcohol is bad for you, but don't try to say that marijuana isn't. No one should be driving under the influence of alcohol or any drugs that inhibit their ability to think clearly or act quickly. I feel this sends a message to the young people saying that some drugs are OK but others are not. We have made this way more accessible to them by saying it is legal now.


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