Letter: Preserve the preserve

May 14, 2014 

My name is Rebekah Wuerch I am an 11-year-old girl. I live near the Amon Creek Preserve. The city of Richland told Hayden Homes that they could build homes next to the Preserve. I think they shouldn't build there because there are not very many preserves in the Tri-Cities. I see coyotes each day and there are lizards, pheasants, quail, snakes, doves, owls, rabbits, hawks and frogs all over the preserve. Once I even saw a river otter swimming in the creek one morning.

Everybody says to save the world and its animals. Yet, how can we protect them when we allow their habitats to be destroyed? Houses that close to the preserve will make it difficult for the animals and will damage the preserve. Having homes next to the preserve would cause trash to pollute the area, decrease food sources and further endanger animal's lives.

I want there to be a future where a child can see an animal and learn about it not only in zoos and farms, but also in nature. To make this a possibility we must protect our few preserves we have here in the Tri-Cities. We must protect Amon Creek Preserve.


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