Letter: Partisan newsletter

May 14, 2014 

I received the 8th District 2014 Session Review newsletter from Sharon Brown (R), Larry Haler (R) and Brad Klippert (R). I found it to be useless, uninformative, vague and deeply partisan. I called each senator and representative at the phone numbers listed within the newsletter and could not reach a single aide to answer the call I placed. In fact, Larry Haler's phone message stated that the 2014 legislative session was over and that he would not be back until March 18th (next year 2015?) and that no messages would be picked up. I called his local office number and no one answered the telephone there either. None of these people are working and do we want them there? I hope they respond to my messages and the public here.

The newsletter is a waste of taxpayers' money and, because it is mostly partisan, I want to know how much money was wasted to produce and to send it out? Partisan newsletters must not be paid for by the taxpayers. These representatives must do a better job of telling us what they are really doing to earn their keep and our trust, and it appears to me they are not.

RL GUILLEN, Kennewick

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