Letter: Parliament votes in quantitative stealing

May 13, 2014 

Since the crash of the world financial system in 2007-08, trillions of dollars in bail-outs with taxpayer money have been paid to banks and speculative "investors" to cover their derivative gambling losses.

It became clear to London and Wall Street that more bailing out of banks with taxpayer money would not be tolerated, so they changed tactics to bail-ins!

Bail-in is simply that the bond holders and stock holders and depositors would have their assets seized to plug the hole in the banks' books, as was done in Cyprus last year where all the depositors in the two largest banks had their funds seized to keep the bank solvent. In return, they received stock in the now-worthless banks.

The European Union has now made bail-ins the official policy for all the European nations.

The Dodd-Frank financial reform bill (now the law in the U.S.) Article II states that in the next banking crisis the American depositors will be subject to a bail-in, just as in Cyprus.

Instead, the bills (HR129, S985) & (HR3711, S1282) in the Congress to restore the Glass-Steagall banking law should be passed now.

Bankrupt the "too big to fail" Wall Street speculators; let them pay their own gambling debts.


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