Letters: We need answers

May 13, 2014 

Benghazi was a well planned out attack on American soil and America's sovereignty killing four of our brothers. Warnings of a possible attack and repeated calls for extra security for months by Ambassador Stevens were denied or fell on deaf ears.

We now know through testimony in Congress that not all of the emails that were requested were turned over. Most of the 25,000 pages of emails were redacted citing security reasons. What security reasons?

One has to wonder how many more documents and emails are still unaccounted for and how many more lies this administration is prepared to give before the truth is known?

Four questions need to be answered before those four dead Americans can rest in peace and their families find closure.

1. Where was our commander in chief that night?

2. Where was Hillary Clinton, our secretary of state?

3. Who gave the order to stand down and why?

4. In the eight-hour firefight why did we not have our military on the way there to help?

If we are going to proceed as a civilized society and rule of law, then we have to hold everybody accountable for their actions, including our president and former Secretary of State Clinton.


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