Letter: Knowledge is key

May 11, 2014 

Society is based on trust, but the millennium generation has given up on trust. We must trust engineers to cross a bridge, other citizens to shop in a mall or attend a public event and health care workers with our lives, so maybe it would be better to not read newspapers or listen to news and not learn of problems. No, we would be ignorant and not know of problems beyond our sphere of influence.

Personally, I fail to think about concerns until they are brought to my attention. Without media, I would remain self-absorbed. News media assists me to reflect on others' problems as well.

Sometimes news helps reinforce stereotypes, such as with the mentally ill, but even they need the disclosures so society will not step forward or go too far. Millenniums need to use the distrust to keep society, politicians and individuals accountable. Without knowledge, we continue problems, and we might be next.


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