Letter: Socialism

May 10, 2014 

A friend made the statement that upon hearing the song, This Land is My Land, it awoke "the social awareness" in her. She now espouses socialism.

I have been reflecting on this for awhile. I, too, grew up with the same song. The message to me was a different one.

As a socialist, the "self" is put aside for the good of the "collective." In a social society, people do not "better" themselves over others. All are to be equal, except for those in authority. To own things, car, house, etc. or to have a higher education shows disrespect for the collective.

I have a sister who does social work and espouses socialism. These two are often brought together and are not the same. Social work is about the individual's right vs. society. Examples: wheelchair ramps, when able bodied people outnumber those in need.

Those who choose socialism should have the chance to live it as a collective where everything is shared evenly, house, car, money, etc.

As for the song, This Land is My Land, it has taught me about stewardship and not ownership.


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