Letter: Parking woes at Toyota Center

May 10, 2014 

After reading the May 4 article about the new hotel that is being built on the parking lot at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, I have some suggestions for Corey Pearson, executive director of the Three Rivers Campus. Pearson suggests that patrons to the Toyota Center park at nearby retailers.

Does he really think these retailers want people to park in their lots while patronizing the Toyota Center? I suspect these retailers will start having security guards monitor their lots. And Pearson stated that some parking is no longer available because Baker Boyer Bank is selling the land next to the Justice Center.

What happened to the money from the sale of the parking lot at the convention center? The city should use it to buy the parking lot that is now blocked by concrete blocks next to the Justice Center or land behind the Toyota Center that is for sale by the Kennewick Irrigation District. Mr. Pearson suggests waiting 15 years before building a parking garage. People won't go to places where there is nowhere to park. Action needs to be taken now.

LISA MARSH, Richland

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