Letter: Impeach Obama

May 8, 2014 

In my opinion, there are two acts among the many egregious acts of President Obama and his administration that justify impeachment. The first is Benghazi. President Obama said he had given orders to defend the embassy before he left the White House to travel early the next morning on a fundraising trip to Las Vegas. There is no evidence he gave such an order. Without such an order direct from the president, U.S. armed forces were unable to respond. The administration has also testified that no one from the White House gave orders to our forces to "stand down" during the attack on our consulate. The lack of a formal order from our president to defend our consulate from attack lead to the murder of our ambassador and three Americans by Islamic terrorist forces.

The second impeachable act, in my opinion, is the release from incarceration into the United States of 68,000 illegal aliens with criminal convictions in 2013. This was recently reported in the news. This order obviously came from the White House through their complicit Department of Justice head, Attorney General Eric Holder.

How much longer are we going to put up with this president and his administration?


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