Letter: Support Fever football

May 8, 2014 

Just a final plea for residents of our community to get out and support the Tri-Cities Fever in the last two home games of the 2014 season on May 24 and June 14.

We nearly lost the team before this season because of a lack of support. Owner Teri Carr conducted an open process to listen to fans about what would bring them out. She lowered ticket prices substantially, and by my observation attendance has not increased significantly, so total revenue has to be even lower.

A good adult ticket is only $11. It baffles me that our fans readily pay twice this amount multiple times per week to watch high school kids play hockey. That is great! But let's show a similar support for the Fever. These players have had good college careers and many have had competitive tryouts or playing time with AFL, CFL and NFL franchises. This community owes the Carr family sellouts for these last two games. Let's not lose this great entertainment source. It will never come back if we don't do our part as a community to keep it.


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