Letter: Minimum wage

May 8, 2014 

Thank you Katlyn McCary (Letters, June 2).

It is wonderful that McCary, a young, inexperienced and unskilled worker, can understand that raising wages, benefits or other tangibles to the minimum wage is not now, nor will in the future, be the answer for those in the lower end of the job market.

These jobs are a necessary tool in the overall picture to provide the incentive to improve oneself and become better. This is the way the American dream works.

Contrary to what the mayor of Seattle said -- "this law will ensure that these people earn what they are worth" -- the minimum wage is not what decides what a worker is worth. The employee and the employee's performance are what makes that decision. Performance, attitude, knowledge and experience are the deciding factors.

Let those who offer the job make those decisions.

Again, I applaud McCary for her mature and thoughtful words.


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