Letter: Affirmative action

May 8, 2014 

In announcing his appointment of Judge Mary Yu to the Washington Supreme Court, Gov. Jay Inslee crowed that he takes this responsibility "very, very seriously."

Seriously? I think not. Yu is most prominently described as the first Asian, Latina, openly gay justice on the court, and the officiant at the state's first gay marriages in 2012. Seemingly an afterthought, Yu is also described as smart, dedicated, and compassionate.

Far from serious, this appointment is simply bold-faced affirmative action pandering to the most extreme elements of Seattle's left wing. Inslee's behavior is at the core of why our own 4th Congressional District sent him packing 20 years ago, only to have him resurface as the darling of the left among the elites and self-styled victims on the west side.

Excused by liberals as "advancing diversity," this decision, like other affirmative action efforts being practiced, sidesteps excellence, promotes mediocrity and mocks justice. Even in our community we daily observe rank discrimination thinly disguised as virtue in the pursuit of "diversity."

If this state is seriously lacking in diversity, and if the governor seriously wants more, he should appoint some conservatives to the court. Currently there are nada, zero, none.



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