Letter: Appreciating Prosser teachers

May 7, 2014 

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. As the superintendent for Prosser School District, I would like to ask the community to help the district recognize our teachers.

Across our country, communities are saying "thank you" to the many dedicated teachers who work with and support the academic achievement of students.

Prosser's teachers are an excellent example of caring and dedicated professionals. Our teachers are highly qualified professionals who spend a great deal of their own time improving their skills to meet the most challenging time in our history.

As academic standards increase and accountability becomes the "buzz word" at the national and state levels, Prosser's teachers continue to meet challenges using improved, research-based methods for improving the academic performance of our students. Each year our teachers strengthen their professional skills at all levels.

I would like to commend our teaching staff for the long hours and personal commitment to the students in Prosser. Our students will continue to progress because of our dedicated teachers and their families, who support the long hours and personal time involved to teach in today's world. Our staff is the best and it is an honor to work on their team.


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