Letter: Future of Amon Creek

May 5, 2014 

In whose hands does the future of Amon Creek Natural Preserve lay? At each of the following meetings, city staff stood solidly behind keeping the city's plans to extend Rachel Road.

At a parks and recreation meeting, one of the commissioners was asked by city staff to recluse himself because he had the misfortune of taking a tour of the Amon Creek basin with Tapteal Greenway members.

In the last planning commission meeting, a zoning change and housing plat were presented. The housing plat was a compromise between Hayden Homes Inc. and Tapteal Greenway. That plat did not have a provision for the Rachel Road extension but did have an alternative for connecting Leslie Road to Steptoe Street. The city planning staff objected and wanted the Rachel Road provision put back in the plat.

The planning staff said they needed that provision in the plat to perform options analysis before they finalized the planning of newly annexed area. They implied there were other options to Rachel Road but gave no specifics.

Our problem with protecting the Amon preserve might rest with the city manager, an appointed position, and his staff not the city council.


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